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Dogs like something new to wear on vacation too!
Your dogs collar is their only true accessory, make it special.

We have 5-foot leads that match both our 1 inch and 3/4-inch width collars. If you don't like a matchy/matchy vibe grab a solid lead or find a complimentary design!

Our products are made with love in San Francisco Ca



From the couch, crate, or car our blankets are perfect anyplace your pup wants to snuggle

Blanket Beds


Made in San Francisco, CA for 20 years

We started our Big Sister Brand Bella Bean Couture in 2004 and Finnegan's was born 12 years later. We support a local factory of women sewers that hand make all our collars, harness, leads, bandanas and blankets.

Sweaters & Jackets

Toys & Treats

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Step-In Style Harness

Perfect way to walk your pup- our harnesses are soft, comfortable and a stylish statement.


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