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About Us

Finnegan’s Standard Goods is the sister brand of Bella Bean Couture, created by owner Michelle Clinton after realizing her passion for a different, more rustic and sophisticated aesthetic. As Bella Bean already had its own well-established look, the decision was made to develop a new brand. The inspiration for this brand came from Michelle’s adorable French bulldog, Finnegan.

You may be wondering why the brand is called No. 3. There are a couple of reasons for this. First, Finnegan was the third pup Michelle owned when the brand was launched. Additionally, the number 3 holds symbolic meaning, representing concepts like Heart, Brain, and Body, as well as Past, Present, and Future. It is our hope that your furry companion will experience the protection and spirit embodied by the No. 3.

Michelle dedicates her time to designing and developing for both Bella Bean Couture and Finnegan’s Standard Goods, with the ultimate goal of creating the most fashionable, chic, and timeless designs. It is important to remember that your pup’s collar is its only true accessory, so why not make it exceptional?

All items are handmade in San Francisco, California, USA.